Game On

Well hello there, Upper OC Siders.  Theta Blogger here, your one and only source into the fabulous lives of OC’s elite.  Whats making my homepage today? Theta Softball…humbabay.

***I just found out that Theta has a twitter! How amazing is this!? Theta has made it onto all the social networks.

Go follow Theta on Twitter at @TriThetaDoves and also on Facebook as TriThetaDoves***

Word on the field is that Theta won their first game of the season. They beat the Freshmen team 4-1.  I don’t want to brag, but I’m proud of our Doves.

I also hear that game 2 is tonight.  Theta is playing the women of Lambda tonight at 9:30pm.

Players must be there at 9:00pm to warm-up. && as we all know Theta wears BLACK to everything that is sports.  I hope to see other Theta sisters out there supporting their team.  If you’re not there, Theta Blogger will find out. I have eyes and ears everywhere. 🙂

See ya tonight, Doves, at the intramural fields. 9:30pm sharp.

you know you love me…XOXO Theta Blogger

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