A beautiful bride

Theta alum Heather Spencer (now Heather Brown) got married last night! ¬†She was simply stunning! The dress was amazing, the decorations were perfect and SO her, and there were so many great Thetians and Thetian alums there! I wish I had the Theta picture to post (of course I brought my camera without the battery in it), but I hope to be stealing some from her photographer’s website soon ; ) And thanks to Leigh Ann for adding this one

Congratulations Heather, Theta loves you!

Club Night

Club night was such a success tonight! Kayla delivered an amazing president’s speech, our rush directors did an awesome job of getting our booth set up and making it adorable, and we had a lot of really great girls come to our table : )

Here’s a picture of our rush directors Shannon (on the left) and Kensley (on the right) with our booth tonight


and a group shot


All of the Rush events have now been added to the calendar!

Also on a side note, Theta has won their first two softball games : ) Keep it up ladies!

Officer Retreat

Officer retreat last night was a success. I’m so excited about all of the girls this year! A special thanks to our wonderful sponsor Dee Dobson on letting us use her house for this event : ) I know God is going to use these girls to make an impact on Theta, the school, and those around them. We are really looking forward to this year!